Time & Attendance

Choosing the correct time & attendance software is critical for your business. Now, you can get software that will simplify your tasks with award-winning service and unique integrations. Information Controls offers solutions that work now and into the future.


Let us show you how WorkSync changes how you schedule and fill shifts.

Take the lead on employee management at every level. To that end, we offer WorkSync! This unique addition to Attendance on Demand allows executives the ability to effectively optimize labor costs. Further, managers can get employees scheduled quickly and easily. Also, employees can have receive added freedom of using the app to check schedules and fill shifts. There’s so much more to take your scheduling to an entirely new level.

Time and attendance - WorkSync

Time Terminal

Get the app that takes you the distance.

Time Terminal is a fast and convenient way to track employee time and labor information. Now, available on smartphones and iPad. Employees and supervisors can punch and perform job labor transfers. Importantly, this can be done anywhere a device is available. In addition, staff can receive attestation prompts during the start and end of their shifts. Time Terminal user functions are configurable and easy-to-use.

In fact, Time Terminal users have touchless options as well. Find out more by contacting us here.

Time Terminal remote time clock

Unique Integrations

Software integrations that work harder.

Information Controls offers a unique combination of time & attendance and access control. Our software combine these critical pieces of software to enhance their use. Now, the two pieces are designed to bridge together – an option that cannot be found in other solutions. For example, employee badges work across both the time & attendance and building access platforms.

Easy to use AND it saves you time. Consider the ease of using a secure, browser-based software. More interesting, it doesn’t require the energy of maintenance by your IT department.

Time and attendance - software integrations

Long Term Care

We make staffing long-term care a snap!

We understand the needs of long-term care managers. Critically, we can help you manage staff 24/7. Additionally, we can assist in meeting the demanding requirements of Payroll Based Journaling (PBJ). Indeed, Information Controls offers key services that help our clients meet this government requirement. Also, our solutions can help to automate commonly required tasks. Lastly, our software also enables you to manage staffing on the fly, with an app. This specialized app allows you to request coverage for shifts and allow staff to make the same requests.

Time and attendance for long-term care

Time Clocks

Clocks to meet your needs.

We can help you choose the clock that works best for your organization from a wide range of those available. Even more, we can install and get you rolling within a short time! We strive to ensure the most seamless transition possible.

More importantly, we offer many clocks that have no touch or limited exposure options. See our Time Terminal app, proximity readers, and magnetic stripe readers for the best in this area. Find what’s right for you HERE.

Time clocks

Need Tech Support?

Our customer support portal is a centralized hub for the online support and project management tools we utilize with you to manage your Attendance on Demand or Attendance Enterprise system.