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An industry leader in cloud-based systems, Brivo gives you the freedom to check your door system from wherever you may be. Mobile access is an integrated option for increased functionality without the cost of key cards. Perhaps most notably, you can lockdown your facility with your mobile phone or from your desktop. In addition, COVID-19 safeguards are also available to give you an added level of protection.

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Advantages of cloud-based access control

Advantages of cloud-based access control

A cloud-based option might be right for your organization. When you use a subscription-based option, you are taking advantage of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). This type of access solution gives you freedom from tying your IT to updates. Additionally, you have the option to determine how long you keep the service.

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One key benefit of choosing a cloud-based solution is that it does not require capital expenditures on hardware, networking, and other support infrastructure. IT does not have to maintain the updates and is less maintenance for them over time. Since software is maintained on the cloud, there is no need to tie up your IT staff with updates, backups, and deployment. The ability to interface with other software is key to this type of application.

When you purchase software for a cloud-based application, there is a monthly fee. This fee continues as long as you use the software. When you stop paying the fee, you do not have any rights to the application for any further use.

Make mobile access part of your system

Make mobile access part of your system

Mobile Credentials

  • Tap a single button to gain access via the closest door
  • Have one credential for access to multiple facilities and building amenities
  • Download, setup and use convenient features like adding ‘favorite’ doors
  • Use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation
  • Protect high-security areas with two-factor authentication already built into smartphones
  • Use your smartphone as a key to open doors with no friction
  • Manage access any time and unlock doors from any location
  • View live door activity and recorded video footage
  • Remotely assign and revoke credentials sent directly to a user’s smartphone
  • Initiate lockdown of door(s) or entire site
  • Arm and disarm alarm panels

With controls at your fingertips, you’re never more than a few seconds from enabling or disabling access to your facility. With this cloud-based solution, you can keep your business and employees safe. In addition, smart phone access gives you the preferred way to stay on top of your access wherever you are.

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COVID-19 safeguards

COVID-19 safeguards

User Contact Reporting

Generate targeted reports listing specific user access events and potential contacts

Personnel Control

Suspend user access automatically until they go through a screening checkpoint

Brivo Visitor Reporting

Screen all visitors for COVID symptoms and notify hosts when their visitors may pose a risk

Protect your business well into the future with these ways to monitor and control access. You can give or revoke access to your building instantly, monitor employee behaviors while offsite, save time by eliminating the need to reissue keycards, and enable reports for contact tracing. Find out more about these abilities and more!

Adding Video Can Boost Your Access Control

Brivo integrates perfectly with Eagle Eye video! While Brivo is fantastic on its own, the power is boosted with Eagle Eye video. Events are tracked and video clips are available in one spot. As a result, administrators can see who is entering their building in real-time or historic video. Put this dynamic duo to work for your business!

Eagle Eye video plus Brivo

Not sure if you can be secured?

You may be surprised at what is available. There is a wide variety of hardware for many different types of doors or entrances. Call us today to determine what is possible.

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