Access Control with Eagle Eye Video

Eagle Eye Video adds more to your security system.

Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader of cloud video surveillance, revolutionizing the way businesses of all sizes and types address their security needs.

With the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, accessing historic and real-time video is simple requires no additional software. By storing video in the cloud, businesses minimize the hardware needed and the cost associate with it.

Paired with broad camera compatibility, numerous analytic tools, and an open API platform, Eagle Eye Networks provides businesses with a tool that is more than just a video security system.

Boost Your Video By Pairing with Brivo

Eagle Eye integrates perfectly with Brivo access control. While Eagle Eye video works great on its own, the power is boosted with Brivo. Events are tracked and video clips are available in one spot. As a result, administrators can see who is entering their building in real-time or historic video. Put this dynamic duo to work for your business!

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Modernize your video security

Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management. Eagle Eye Networks is here to change that.

Get revolutionized video surveillance with an infinitely scalable and comprehensive solution that streamlines everything from user management to flexible cloud and on-site storage options.

Why businesses choose Eagle Eye Video


Fully encrypted video during transmission and at rest.

Cameras isolated from network.

No open ports or firewall configuration necessary.


Intuitive interface, smart AI and advanced analytics.

Intelligent bandwidth management.

Triple redundant video and metadata storage.


Compatible with existing IP or analog cameras.

Cloud storage with on-premise options.

Reduce CapEx with pay-as-you-go cloud model.

Effective with a wide range of uses.

Eagle Eye Parking Management
Eagle Eye Parking Management

Optimize Business Performance

Using advanced analytics provides unprecedented insight into day-to-day operations, making it easy to quickly respond to incidents and uncover opportunities for operational improvement.

Let Us Help You Create the Ideal Access Control

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