Providing long-term care facilities with first class capabilities and service.

Advanced Software, Quality Service

When long-term care facilities look for time and attendance solutions, they find that Information Controls has the software paired with exceptional service they need. Payroll Based Journaling (PBJ), required for compliance, is made easier through the many automated abilities offered in our software. An app offers greater ability for scheduling, allowing employees to cover shifts and managers to send out requests for coverage.

Features That Deliver

Our time and attendance software can help with the key hurdles that face long-term care facilities.

  • Payroll Based Journaling can be automated.
  • Staff coverage is made easier by communication through an app that can be initiated by either an individual getting a shift covered, or by a manager – allowing more efficient shift coverage or absences.
  • Managers can quickly and easily see where they are with their coverage of shifts.
  • Overtime alerts appear to help management keep employee time balanced.
Time Clocks with Features You Need

We have a wide range of reader types as well as options to enhance your capabilities.

Visit our comprehensive line of clocks with services like biometrics, No Touch, badge-based, and PIN options HERE.

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Attendance on Demand is a secure, web-based solution that allows you to manage your employees from any internet connection. The information is securely hosted within a managed data center.


The all-inclusive monthly fee features our award-winning technical support team’s quality services.


Whether you are interested in HID proximity time clocks, biometric HandPunch time clocks or online employee kiosks, Information Controls can get your hosted Attendance on Demand solution started right away!

Optional Modules

Need Tech Support?

Our customer support portal is a centralized hub for the online support and project management tools we utilize with you to manage your Attendance on Demand or Attendance Enterprise system.