Cloud vs. Licensed

Deciding between cloud vs. licensed access control isn’t always easy.

What is the difference in cloud vs. licensed access control? There are several things to consider when you choose which software solution works best for your organization and your long-term plans for building access. Here are some points to consider and some explanations that may assist you as you choose.


  • Deciding which of these two options (licensed or cloud) can be daunting. Talk with people in your organization. Involve your IT department to get an idea of what they can handle. Review the cloud and licensed sections of our site to weigh the positive attributes and drawbacks of each.
  • Once you’ve completed the first step, contact an access control professional to get an idea of what would work best for your organization. Your professional will be able to assist you with the particulars of the process and give detailed recommendation based on those facts.

Licensed (on-premise)

Cloud-based (SaaS)

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