Information Controls Gives to Miss Carly’s

Information Controls gives to Miss Carly’s for 2020 is a success! We have had another effective year of giving thanks to all who participated!

Each year, Information Controls selects a special local charity to promote giving and the holiday spirit. We chose Miss Carly’s this year! We collected monetary gifts as well as new or gently used items for their organization. Over $680 was given in donations for a total of over $1360 due to matching from Information Controls. Additionally, many items were given for Miss Carly’s such as winter coats, boots, clothing, and bedding.

We are so grateful for all of our employees and friends for their outstanding generosity! Thank you!

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Drop Off Day!

We love the season of giving. Ultimately, we were able to give $1360 and all these physical gifts to the caring people @MissCarlys. Special thanks to all who helped in this effort. If you weren’t able to give, consider this worthy group who helps the homeless in Rockford.

About Miss Carly’s

We are a family in Rockford, Illinois that started feeding people on the streets extra portions we cooked at meal times. Sharing meals with those in need has grown our family to over 200 people who exist in the margins. We are a lighthouse for the lost.

For more information or to give directly to Miss Carly’s visit

Consideration for Giving

If your organization is looking for sponsors in the 2021 year, please contact us so we can consider you! Use our contact form HERE.

We invite you to learn more about our giving and Information Controls.

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