Important information for employers
on the Families First Act and
a Clock Cleaning guide.

Please take a look at this page Employers and the Families First Act with
important information for businesses detailing how
the Families First act affects them.

Take a look at our guide to cleaning your employee time clocks here.

Solutions for your workforce.

Information Controls, Inc. is a privately held Illinois corporation founded in 1986. Rooted in the demand for professional and cost-effective outsourced services, Information Controls started as a document imaging business, and has grown to include its time and attendance division…

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendence

Time & attendance using the most current technology and fully integrated with our access control solution.

Access Control

Access Control

Building access that is forward thinking; allowing your business to grow and using the most efficient methods to bring safety and security to your work sites.

Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Have your documents digitized, accessible, and stored to ensure you get the best use and function of your archived materials.

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