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Long List of Capabilities

We serve a variety of document imaging document types. Further, we work closely with many different types of businesses to accommodate their needs.

Our capabilities allow us to scan many different types of records from legal documents down to postcard size.

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Capabilities You Can Count On

  • Credentialing Files
    Credentialing files for physicians can be an extensive and overwhelming job. We can scan these files to a tiff format. Moreover, once scanned they can be indexed by doctor’s name. These files are cumbersome in nature with all the different document types. Each record will have its own unique record characteristics sourced from varying institutes. Finally, there will be the doctors educational and clinical records; including past work histories. Having this information accessible in a digital format makes for speedy retrieval and accurate record keeping.
  • Municipality Records (such as Water Dept repairs)
    We are proud to say Information Controls scan’s water repair records for City of Rockford. As a result, city personnel can search by work order number to quickly recall, in PDF format, all information for a certain water main repair.
  • Special Education Student Records
    We work with schools for their compliance with student records. Once students have been out of school for 20 years, their records are released for digital capture. Consequently, this frees up space in the school and their scanned records are easy to access and recall if needed.
  • Manufacturing Work Orders
    Regardless of the type of manufacturing, we know work orders can easily pile up. Keeping them organized and at the tip of your fingers can be crucial to your business. Additionally, aviation comes with a strict record keeping processes. These document unique testing and manufacturing regiments for a particular part. Further, accurate identification and image quality are paramount in these records. Scanning can put them at your fingertips with ease.
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Benefits for a Variety of Document Types

  • Information Controls scans with the latest in document capture technology. As a result, our scans produce full text search ability in PDF format.
  • Notably, all Information Controls services are completed internally. This means no sub-contacting on digitizing/identifying processes. We can also set-up shop remotely to complete in-house conversion projects.
  • To conclude, off-site record retention is ideal for the projects that have short term record disposition. We are here when your facility doesn’t have the room for all those files.
Document Types

Need Tech Support?

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