Time & Attendance

A lot hinges on the type of time & attendance software you choose for your  business. Get software that will simplify your tasks with award-winning service and unique integrations. Information Controls offers solutions that work now and into the future.


WorkSync changes how you schedule and fill shifts.

Take the lead on employee management at every level. WorkSync allows executives the ability to effectively optimize labor costs, schedulers can get employees scheduled quickly and easily, and employees receive added freedom of using the app to check schedules and fill shifts. There’s so much more to take your scheduling to an entirely new level.

Time Terminal

Time Terminal takes you the distance.

Time terminal is a secure, remote time clock application. Time Terminal for iPad® is a fast and convenient way to track employee time and labor information. No access to a time clock terminal? No problem. Time Terminal is a remote time clock application that lets you access your company time clock and employee information from your iPad. It is a secure, reliable and very easy-to-use application for capturing employee in and out punches and job transfers.


Software integrations that work harder.

When you’re looking for time & attendance with access control, Information Controls’ software solutions top the list. These two pieces of software are designed to bridge together – an option that cannot be found in other solutions. Employee badges work across both the time & attendance and building access platforms.

Long Term Care

We make staffing long-term care a snap!

When you have to manage staff 24/7 and meet the demanding requirements of Payroll Based Journaling (PBJ) required by the government, Information Controls can help. Our solutions can help to automate commonly required tasks. Our software also enables you to manage staffing on the fly, with an app that allows you to request coverage for shifts and allow staff to make the same requests.

Time Clocks

Clocks to meet your needs.

We can help you choose the clock that works best for your organization from a wide range of those available. If you know what you need, we can install and get you rolling within a short time to give you the most seamless transition possible.

Time Terminal App

Time Terminal captures punches in real-time and connects with Attendance on Demand. If an internet connection becomes unavailable, punches and transfers will remain stored on the device until the connection is re-established. You can also easliy pair Time Terminal with Time Porter to provide connectivity to devices where an internet connection is not possible.

Biometric Finger Readers

Biometric finger readers require employees be present to punch in or out. Measurement templates, which identify the employee, are stored within the system and matched to the employee PIN or ID number.

Biometric Hand Readers

Biometric hand readers ensure honest employee time punching through the use of geometric measurement of an employee’s hand. The measurement information is stored as a template for tracking their clock-ins and clock-outs.  Employees type in their ID and place their hand on the time clock. If the measurement matches that of the employee’s template, they are clocked in.

Barcode Swipe Time Clocks

Barcode technology time clocks are a convenient solution for companies that utilize employee ID badges. With the swipe of an ID card, employees can punch in and out.

PIN Entry Time Clocks

Personal Identification Number (PIN) technology eliminates the need for employee badges and swipe cards. With the input of a PIN, employees can easily punch in and out, or transfer workgroups. PIN technology can also be used as a back-up system for biometric time clocks where new employees’ identification templates have not been created.

Magentic Stripe Readers

Magnetic stripe readers are an efficient and cost-effective solution allowing employees to swipe a card with a magnetic stripe through the reader for clock in and clock out.

Proximity Readers

Proximity readers require employees to use a proximity badge, such as a key fob, to verify their identity as they wave the badge to punch in and out. Proximity devices are a secure option for access control areas that would like to combine security with time and attendance software.

Need Tech Support?

Our customer support portal is a centralized hub for the online support and project management tools we utilize with you to manage your Attendance on Demand or Attendance Enterprise system.