Time Terminal

A secure, remote time clock application

Time Terminal is a remote time clock application that works on your iPad or phone (Apple or Android). This easy and convenient way to track your employees eliminates the need for them to be in close to a time clock terminal. On-the-go employees can clock in remotely and managers can use an extensive variety of features to manage their staff.

Time Terminal Protection Updates

Time Terminal now has No Touch Punch™. Your employees can present their QR code to limit contact with surfaces. Time Terminal also features COVID health screening questions that can be enabled for employees to attest, prior to punching in.

In response to this global pandemic, we’re adding features to help keep your workforce safe!

Time Terminal time and attendance application

Time Terminal captures punches in real-time and connects with Attendance on Demand. If an internet connection becomes unavailable, Time Terminal will continue to operate off-line collecting employee transactions. Punches and transfers will remain stored on the device until an internet connection is re-established.

Our extensive list of features allow you to manage your employees the way you want.

·Punch by Badge
·Securely queue transactions when offline
·Transfer Workgroups
·Review Transactions stored in the iPad
·Email Transaction Receipts to Employee
·Crew Punches – Select multiple employees from on-screen list to punch-in
·Crew Transfers
·Photo Capture – Take a picture with every punch
·Geotag Transactions
·iPad Lockdown – Prevent transactions until the supervisor unlocks the device
·Review Employee Schedules
·Review Employee Benefit Balances
·Review Employee Time Cards
·Integrated On Screen help
·Configurable Functions – Only see the functions that your employees need

Need Tech Support?

Our customer support portal is a centralized hub for the online support and project management tools we utilize with you to manage your Attendance on Demand or Attendance Enterprise system.