Digital Document Imaging and Storage

Whether you need digital document imaging or storage, we have your back! Importantly, it doesn’t matter if you need to access files daily or monthly. We can help. Information Controls provides tailored services that improve the way you work. Of course, our exceptional service also comes with a HIPAA reviewed, climate-controlled storage facility. In addition, our scanned document retrieval software is second-to-none.  We will ensure your files are safe, secure, and organized.

Customized digital imaging and document storage solutions for your business.

Document Imaging & Education

We provide schools with digital imaging and customized resources with service you can count on. Primarily, we have served districts to meet their compliance needs.

Document Imaging & Legal

Secure and protect the paperwork of your legal business with a proven leader. We offer customized indexing so critical digitized documents can be found quickly. Additionally, we can store those records in secure, climate-controlled setting. For instance, records can be scanned and then pulled by our team when needed.

Other Industries Served

Information Controls has the ability to customized services for a wide range of businesses. Of course, we can provide you with proven recommendations. In brief, we can document management project a success story.

• Accounts Payable Records
• Aerospace related businesses
• Arrest Records (Sheriff’s office)
• Credentialing Records
• Floor Routers
• Inventory Control Records
• Maintenance Manuals

• Medical Records
• Municipality Work Orders
• Patient Account Records
• Personnel Records (terminated employee files)
• Quality Control Documents
• Shipping Documents & Bills of Lading
• Student Transcripts

Document Imaging Industries Served

Document Imaging and Storage Project Process

Organized digital documents are easier to work with. Regardless of type, you can then pull them up with a retrieval system. More importantly, this eliminates the need for costly and unsightly file cabinets.

Information Controls makes the process painless for our clients by handling as much of the prep and scan. Additionally, we offer destruction or storage options for the digitized documents. Then, our individualized process gives you flexibility in your budget. You also have the added benefit of professional digitization services. These key elements can help to run your business more smoothly.

Information Controls can make your documents work harder regardless of industry. Also, using our optical character recognition can further categorize and organize your documents. eDiscovery is an option for any legal businesses. Notably, this option indexes for quick digital retrieval.

Document Imaging and Storage Project Process

Document Types for Imaging and Storage

Your documents can be digitized into a wide range of formats. Then, we can make them available online for remote workers and store the originals. As many businesses move to a remote model, this can be a game-changer.

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Document Types for Imaging and Storage

Secure Document Storage

Your documents will be safe and sound

Storing your documents safely and securely is the key to how we are
different than other storage options. Our climate-controlled space will ensure your documents remain in great condition. Further, our secure location protects those documents better than a storage unit. Lastly, we offer retrieval options to quickly get back originals if they are needed.

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Keey your documents safe and sound

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